IBM Health Corps and Gorgas Memorial Institute


Panama has seen the emergence of serious infectious diseases including Zika and Chikungunya, as well as the re-emergence of dengue fever in recent years, but lacks a real-time surveillance system for relaying information from field investigators to policy makers. IBM Health Corps will partner with Gorgas Memorial Institute, one of the most prestigious medical research institutions in the world, to develop a mobile application that will enable public health field investigators to collect and send real-time, geo-located information on human cases of disease as well as mosquito breeding sites to the Ministry of Health. This will facilitate more rapid and effective decision-making about infectious disease control.

“Our partnership with IBM Health Corps will create a powerful information-sharing pipeline between field investigators and policy makers to control Zika and other infectious diseases. As new health threats emerge, we will be ready to act.”

Nestor Sosa, MD, FACP
Director General,
Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies