IBM Health Corps and Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC)


In 2015, Taiwan hit a new milestone with 40 thousand dengue cases and more than 200 deaths. As the control of dengue has become a top priority issue in Taiwan, Taiwan CDC has begun the development of predictive models to estimate the risk of the dengue epidemic. Being one of the 2016-2017 IBM Health Corps grant recipients, Taiwan CDC believes this collaborative project will improve its dengue modeling to identify regions at risk, examine the disparity of healthcare access, and set priorities for dengue vaccination when adopted in Taiwan. The output of this project could have a global impact on dengue control.

“We are excited about this collaboration opportunity with IBM Health Corps on this dengue modeling project, which could improve the capacity across Taiwan, Southeast Asia and beyond to tackle the burden of dengue. As dengue control is one of our top priorities this year, Taiwan CDC has already invested a tremendous amount of resources in dengue prevention and control, especially our surveillance system. With their expertise in data analytics and population health capabilities, IBM’s support will definitely accelerate our work and potentially help close the gap in global disease detection and in fighting against the threat of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases.”

Jen-Hsiang Chuang, MD, PhD
Deputy Director General,
Taiwan Centers for Disease Control