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Unlocking the power of data to improve health outcomes, help eliminate health disparities and deliver lasting change across the globe.


IBM Health Corps is a global pro bono program focused on tackling health disparities. Akin to an incubator, we provide the environment, experts, and services needed to nurture new ideas in public and population health that use technology to expand access to health services and improve health systems and population outcomes. Deploying a team of 5-6 IBM experts to work on-site with a partner organization for 3 weeks, we aim to empower and equip health organizations to take forward a mission-driven strategic priority.

Our 2018 cohort of IBM Health Corps partners included American Cancer Society, CARE USA, Partners in Health, and Utah Medical Education Council. Together we are working to address urgent public health needs around the world. Read more about these projects and our collaborative impact.

In 2019, we will be accepting applications by invitation only.

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Will Technology Advancements in Health Benefit All?

Read about the three key principles we’ve developed to guide how we work on health disparities in a manner that is responsible, innovative, and impact-driven.

We envision a world where everyone has the opportunity to live a healthy life. Where people can access health services no matter where they live. Where healthcare is safe and effective. And, where all communities promote health and well-being.

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