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Apply to Receive an IBM Health Corps Grant

Program Overview

The 2018 application cycle to host an IBM Health Corps team is now closed. Winning organizations for 2018 include the American Cancer Society, CARE USA, Partners in Health, Utah Medical Education Council, and UNC Project-Malawi. If you have any questions, please contact us at

IBM Health Corps is a pro bono service engagement provided to public, social and civil sector organizations to help address health disparities. Health Corps is a select group of top performing, cross-disciplinary IBMers that offer their expertise in health, data analytics, design, and technology to help organizations improve health access, services, and outcomes. Teams are deployed to the organization to spend three weeks on site. An IBM Health Corps engagement is provided at no cost to the organization, and is valued at $500,000.

During the engagement, the IBM Health Corps team works to address a mission-driven strategic priority identified by the host organization. The objective is to equip the organization with the tools, recommendations and roadmap it needs to advance its priority during and beyond the three-week Health Corps engagement.

The Health Corps model is not a traditional consulting program. It is an “incubation” program for ideas, and at its core is an emphasis on close collaboration between IBM and the partner organization. Each partner contributes its own expertise and assets to achieve project goals, and throughout the engagement the teams work together side by side to co-create a path forward.

For the 2018 application cycle, IBM Health Corps will be accepting proposals to tackle heath disparities in the areas of cancer (early detection & access to care) and health workforce strengthening and support.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

  • 1. Eligibility and Selection Criteria

    Organizations applying for IBM Health Corps should be not-for-profit or public sector entities, e.g. clinic, hospital, NGO, or health department. Applications must be submitted in English and are accepted from all countries. Evidence of short and long-term support by your organization's leadership for the proposed project will strengthen the application.

    2. Proposed Challenge

    The proposed challenge should be a priority item in the organization’s plans for 2018. Strong applications will articulate why the challenge is important to achieving the organization’s mission, the impact it will have on the community, and the current organization support and commitment for addressing the challenge. Proposals should also demonstrate how technology, data insights, and design can contribute significantly to addressing the challenge. Finally, the proposed project should be achievable in a three-week time period.

    3. Impact

    Strong applications will demonstrate how addressing this challenge will lead to reducing health disparities, such as increasing access to health services, improving the quality and delivery of healthcare and public health, and/or reducing health costs. Projects focused on impacting access to cancer care and empowering the health workforce -- our strategic initiatives for 2018 -- are preferred.

    4. Implementation and Sustainability

    Applications should demonstrate the organization’s commitment of resources – e.g. time and expertise of organization staff, project leader and Executive Sponsor – to work with IBM Health Corps during the three-week project. Applications should outline the organization’s ability to help IBM Health Corps access key stakeholders for interviews during the engagement. Organizations that demonstrate their readiness to act upon Health Corps recommendations and continue the work after the three-week IBM Health Corps engagement will be evaluated highly.

    Letter of Support

    Please submit a letter of support from your organization’s executive leader (e.g., Minister of Health, CEO, Executive Director). This letter should demonstrate the leader’s commitment to the proposed project(s), and explain how the project(s) will advance the organization’s ability to achieve its mission. The letter should be uploaded as part of your application.

Selection Process

Phase I: Complete Application

  • Submit the online written application at
  • Dates: January 17 – February 13, 2018

Phase II: Project Scoping Discussion with IBM Health Corps program team

  • Selected proposals will undergo a project scoping discussion with the IBM Health Corps program staff.

Phase III: Finalist Interviews

  • Shortlisted proposals will be invited for finalist interviews.

Phase IV: All Applicants Notified

  • Applicants will be informed of their selection status.

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