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IBM Health Corps and RAD-AID


Nearly half the world has little or no radiology services, contributing to health disparities in the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and prenatal care. IBM Health Corps will work with RAD-AID to examine their implementation of Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (a medical imaging technology needed for information storage) and develop a maturity model for countries' advancement of radiological services. This will enable low and middle income countries to increase their radiology capacity and sophistication, ultimately improving patient care and outcomes.

“RAD-AID and IBM Health Corps are collaborating to bridge the digital divide for addressing global health care disparities, in which radiology and medical imaging represent the leading edge of international health IT in developing countries, and RAD-AID is pleased to launch this initiative with IBM for bringing high technology health solutions to the medically underserved in low-resource regions via collaborative advancement of international radiology data architectures, medical image management, and cognitive computing.”

Daniel J. Mollura, MD
President and CEO
RAD-AID International